Pelahatchie Students Visit Multicraft for Field Trip


Isaac Norwood, Staff Writer

Recently Mr. Gandy’s Industrial Maintenance class took a trip to the Multicraft facility in Pelahatchie MS. The field trip on October 12 gave students a chance to experience the work they do first hand.

They even earned a chance to look at the creative process they do to come up with new ideas, and partake in a brainstorming activity where they came up with possible ideas for new inventions.

Gandy said, “This field trip is just a start they will get more hands on training to prepare them to pursue  a career in any of the related jobs.” The students visited both of the on site facilities.

Eight students saw the main area for product production, the area for new product development, and the facility where they preview and plan other product. They witnessed the procedures for sampling new products, and how they test them using advanced technology that allows them to simulate field sustainability.

This trip was only the second of many. The students all said that they enjoyed the hands-on tour. Javeious Purvis, a junior at PHS said, “I learned a lot from this. I had fun and can’t wait to go again.”

This program is designed to prepare students for real world jobs. Students in their senior year will be able to intern at the Multicraft facility.

This program is just getting started and more students are urged to look into this. It is a good opportunity for students to develop experience for the real world. Go Chiefs!