Pelahatchie Boys Basketball: The Season Is Almost Here


Devin Irvin, Staff Writer

As the basketball season comes closer by each day, coaches, players, and fans continue to grow in enthusiasm.

The first official Varsity Boys Basketball game is November 14 against the Scott Central Rebels. Many of the Pelahatchie basketball supporters are anxious to see what the season has in store.

The boys had a dominating season last year with an overall record of 26-4 and district record of 10-0. After losing key players such as Dyllan Taylor, Keldrick Stokes, Micheal Coleman, Lavarious Ward, and Jacoby Taylor, this year fans are interested on if the team would still be able to play as dominant as last year. This goes to show that players who played last year will have a more important role to play this year.

New players on the team are Jaymon Johnson, Josh Wilson, Joe Alexander, Jakaris Stokes, Damontaye Turnage, Travion Grant, and Ben-Lucas Wohlan.

Things are different for Joe Alexander, Ben- Lucas Wohlan, Damontaye Turnage, and Travion Grant because it is their first year playing for the Pelahatchie Basketball team. As Coach Taylor continues to work with them, all three players are showing signs that they are fitting in nicely and will fulfill the roles that are set for each of them.

During numerous practices and even games over the summer, Josh, Jaymon, and Jakaris have shown that they have the skill to be core players.

When asked about the freshman newcomer, Jakaris Stokes, Coach Taylor answered saying, “He’s young and he has a large amount of potential he hasn’t seen yet. If I just keep working with him he could be a key player for this team.”

So with the season coming closer every day, more and more fans grow eager to support their Pelahatchie Basketball Boys.