Senior Feature: Devon Day

Sydni Goldman, Staff Writer

Devon Day is the seventeen-year-old son of Kelly and Mitchell Pate. He has been a Chief at Pelahatchie Attendance Center for six years. Day also has three younger siblings that attend Pelahatchie Attendance Center.

Day is an all around student at Pelahatchie, being involved in many extra-curricular activities around school such as Band, JROTC, Tech Team, and Baseball. These activities may keep him busy, but in his free time, Day enjoys playing guitar and gaming.

Day has been in band for two years. He is currently the only senior in the Pelahatchie High School Band and is the first chair tuba. When asked what his favorite memory from high school Day said, “It was when the band got a two in the Copiah Academy competition.”

Day has big plans after high school. He plans on joining the National Guard and going to college to major in Computer Science and minor in Music Education.

Senior year is a very special, sentimental time for high schoolers. It is a time where teenagers decide what they want to do with their lives. Some believe senior year is about buckling down and getting serious about school work;  others believe senior year is about enjoying the ride of your last year of high school.

Some wise advice Day would like to give to future seniors would be, “Don’t waste your time in high school not taking your classes seriously.”

Even though this is his last school year at Pelahatchie, Devon Day will always be known as a Chief, Class of 2018.

Devon Day on his first day of kindergarten. Picture credits: Kelly Pate
Devon Day and his parents at senior night. Pictured left to right: Mitchell Pate, Devon Day, and Kelly Pate. Picture credits: Kelly Pate