Students Explore Hinds

Lanie Burkes, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School took a field trip to Hinds Community College to tour Hinds honors college on Hinds the Rankin campus in Pearl, Mississippi.

The field trip was for students who had GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Cody Myers is a senior at Pelahatchie who attended the field trip. Myers said, “My favorite part about the field trip was being able to see the campus.” Myers says he wouldn’t join Hinds because he would like to get away from home, but he is considering into going to an honors college.

While visiting Hinds, students got to see two classes which was physics and chemistry. Students met the teachers and were able to do experiments in the classes.

When the students were in physics they shot a potato gun and tried to aim it at one of their classmates down the hall.

In chemistry students were able to light their hands on fire without getting burned by using bubbles. The bubbles also made a loud explosive sound.

Myers also said “My favorite experiment was in physics just because we got to shoot stuff.”

Hinds staff also talked about how it could be a good idea for students to attend a community college first before a university. The staff said since Pelahatchie is a small school the students would be more comfortable at a community college because the students are use to smaller classes.

Myers also mentioned that he thinks joining a community college could be good option to get more scholarships to be able to afford to go to a university.

If students maintain a certain GPA throughout the year and join Phi Theta Kappa, they will be able to earn a lot of money to further their education. Past students earned full ride to a university by attending a community college first.

Hinds Community College helped shape students’ minds for college in the future.