Marksmanship Team Takes Shot for Second


LTC Gregory Hargett

Pelahatchie High School Varsity MarksmanSHIP team day of the competition. From Left to Right: Blaine White, Chyanne Myers, Maria Banuelas, and Jacob Boykin.

Maria Banuelas, Staff Writer

The Pelahatchie High School Marksmanship team trained for the Rankin County District Match on October 26, 2017. The team has been prepared for this match since the beginning of this school year. The team consists of 13 members with a mixture of freshman, sophomores, a junior, and a senior.

The team had 13 members who competed in the match. Pelahatchie had a total of 3 teams and 1 individual competing during the match. The teams were competing against Northwest Rankin High School at the same time, location, and day.

The match team consisted of the students: Blaine White, Jacob Boykin, and Maria Banuelas. The team beat Northwest Rankin varsity team by 14 points. The highest shooter from the team was Blaine White.

After school on the day of the match, Pelahatchie High School Marksmanship team found out they had won the 2nd place trophy during the competition. They were surprised by the news but were overall excited from their win. A team member of the varsity team, Blaine White said, “I think we did well. However, I was surprised we got second place and there’s always room for improvement.”

Florence High School took first, Pelahatchie High School took second, and Northwest Rankin High School took third. The team will now prepare for nationals this year.


LTC Gregory Hargett
The Marksmanship member the day of the competition before beginning.