Students Share Favorite Halloween Memories

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Halloween comes around once a year. Many Pelahatchie High School students enjoy Halloween. However, there are many Halloweens that people specifically remember. This year, students decided to reflect on holiday memories.

Eight people from Pelahatchie High School were interviewed. These are the responses.

What was the most memorable Halloween you’ve ever had and why?


  •      Faith Smith, 15: “This year by far. My mom went all out. There were witches handing out candy.”
  •      Jared Goodin, 15: “The year of 2013. I ate a lot of candy and got fat.”


  •      Marissa Wetzel, 15: “Last year on Halloween, a guy dressed as Jason chased me and my brother for a mile with a working chainsaw. After that, a dude dressed as a clown followed us to our house with balloons and asked if we wanted one.”
  •      Scarlett Castillo, 15: “My most memorable Halloween was the year I dressed up as the devil. I kicked a kid’s candy bowl out of their hands and took all their candy.”


  •      Eric Davis, 16: “I remember when I was about eight, I was with my brother. We went trick or treating with his friends. I was dressed as a soldier and he was dressed as a monster. That was my favorite costume.”
  •      Gauge Tucker, 16: “Last year for sure. I went to the trail of terror and this man took off after me. He had a chainsaw so I dipped out.”


  •      Jonathan Pearson, 17: “This past Halloween has been the most memorable. I got to spend it with my friends and family.”
  •      Anna Gill, 17: “This year was the most memorable because I was able to participate in the fall festival at my local church, and I was able to see all of the kids dressed up in cute costumes.”

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Students Share Favorite Halloween Memories