Student Council Members Become Leaders

Lanie Burkes, Staff Writer

The Pelahatchie Student Council went to Mississippi College for a convention.

Each school screamed a chant at the beginning of the convention. Pelahatchie screamed “We are Pelahatchie.”

Brianna Rowland is a junior student council member who attended the convention. “My favorite part was watching each group do their cheers,” said Rowland.

Students were able to meet with student council members from different schools, such as Morton, Puckett, Canton. Students discussed projects to help their community. They found new ideas from the different schools.

Students also talked about events during homecoming. According to all student council members the biggest part is homecoming. Students talked about the floats, games, tailgating, and extra events during homecoming.

The students also talked about different fundraisers to help pay for projects or even t shirts.

Rowland talked about her favorite fundraiser that interested her, which she learned from the convention.

Rowland said, “I learned about one fundraiser that actually grabbed my attention; once a month on the last week of school students pay $5 and come to school in their pajamas and sign into a spot in the school and read all day.”

Rowland loves this idea for a fundraiser because she enjoys to read. Rowland would love to be able to sit in a spot and read all day.  

One school talked about a raffle sale that they sold at their school. They said that they raffled off a car and they gained a lot of money.

The student council members learned many ways to help their community and the students in their school by doing good deeds.


Student council members. 1st row: Cody Myers, Gabbi Walters, Jordan White, Grace Almond, Olivia Sirmon. 2nd row: Anna Grace Carter, Kenyatta Hobson, Tyra Jones, Scarlett Varnes, Makia Lewis, Anna Attkisson, Maddie Walters, Megan Herrington, Camden Patton, Tiara Collir. 3rd row: Greg Beemon,Brianna Rowland, Lanie Burkes, Harrison Till, Morgan Boyd, Katie Balysis, Abby Dawson, Sydni Goldman, Hannah Whitney. 5th row: Mrs Mac, McKinley Goodin, Chloe Walters, and Raegan Sanders.