Salute a Soldier for Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is the day to thank those who fought or are fighting for our freedom.

Veteran’s Day is the day to thank those who fought or are fighting for our freedom.

Lizzy Pinter, Staff Writer

On November 9, 2017 Pelahatchie High School hosted a Veteran’s Day Program.The PHS JROTC hosted the event. The students of both high school and middle school gathered into the auditorium to watch the program.

The speaker at the ceremony was Cadet Sergeant Gabbi Walters and the Pelahatchie JROTC Color Guard included Blaine White, Maria Banuelas, Jessica Smith, and Jose Banuelas.

To start the program the audience stood and recited the Pledge and participated in the singing of the National Anthem. After being told to be seated, the program began.

The speaker Gabbi Walters told the story of how Veteran’s Day became a national holiday and what the day really stands for.

Several people misinterpret Veteran’s Day for Memorial Day. Memorial Day is when Americans honor those soldiers who died in combat, but Veteran’s Day is when citizens honor those either serving in the military now or who have retired.

They then played a video of the oldest living soldier who fought in World War II. The veteran shared insight on how he had made it this long and what it is that keeps him going. He gave tips to those watching that will help them stay positive and mentally strong.

The next thing played was a video of Ronald Reagan giving a speech on what America means and what America stands for.

Maleigh Edwards, a student who attended the program, quoted, “The program overall was touching and powerful. It really gave me pride to say that ‘I am an American.’”

The program ended with the playing of the Taps. Taps was played during the Civil War when it was time to put the soldier’s lights out and go to bed.