Chiefs Fall Short of 4-Peat


Devin Irvin, Staff Writer

On Thursday November 30, the Chiefs hosted the Rural Rankin Tournament. The teams playing in the tournament consisted of the Chiefs, Pisgah Dragons, Puckett Wolves, and McLaurin Tigers.

The first boys game on that Thursday was between the Dragons and the Wolves. The next game would be the Chiefs vs the Tigers.

With the Chiefs vs Tigers being the last game played on that day, many were anxious to see the Chiefs.

Despite the slow start, the Chiefs dominated the Tigers with an ending score of 64-45.

The next day the student section, parents, and even teachers had the same high-level of energy and were ready to support their Chiefs as they faced the Pisgah Dragons.

With the Chiefs winning the Rural Rankin County Tournament the past 3 years, many were excited to see if they could win it for the 4th consecutive time.

When Taye Turnage was asked about playing against his previous school, he answered saying, “It’s a new year and a new team for me, I’m just trying to win the tournament.”

As the game started the same energy the fans had began to dwindle as senior guard, Jadarious “Geek” Johnson and junior forward, Javeious “JP” Purvis ended up in foul trouble early into the game. After this it seemed that the Chiefs couldn’t ever recover as they began to make more mistakes defensively and offensively.

However, in the fourth quarter the Chiefs began to fight hard and make a comeback. The only problem was that the Chiefs didn’t have enough time to make a complete comeback.

Unfortunately the Chiefs lost 49-42 and fell short of a 4-peat in being the Rural Rankin County Tournament Champions.