Guess the Mystery Student

Guess the Mystery Student

Lizzy PInter, Staff Writer

Do you know the people you see on a daily basis? Do you know the hidden features that make them unique? Do you know their career goals? You should probably invest in finding these things out; you may even win a prize for knowing them!

In an attempt to get the student body involved, the newspaper staff has chosen a student to become the mystery student. Facts are given about this person, and the first student to comment who the mystery person is wins a prize.

The student we have chosen is a female high school student approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She enjoys playing with her animals and hanging with her friends. Her hobbies include painting, singing, and acting. She has two brothers, and a whole lot of furry friends. She plans to go to school for dental hygiene.  She is involved in Beta and Yearbook. She has one nephew. She has eight dogs and one cat. Her favorite memory is swimming with dolphins.

If you think you know who the mystery student is, comment their name below. If you win, the prize is a free snack and drink. May the best guesser win!