Pelahatchie High School 9th Grade Students Go to Hinds Community College

Pelahatchie High School 9th Grade Students Go to Hinds Community College

Tayla Martin, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School’s ninth grade students went to Hinds Community College on Wednesday 10th. The students went to explore what vo-tech was going to be like. Vo-tech is Pelahatchie High School’s program where its students from tenth grade and up travel to Hinds every other day to experience what college will be like. The students choose their careers, such as nursing and welding.

The students left for Hinds on Wednesday the 10th at 8:00 am. Once they arrived at the college the students departed off the bus and checked out all of the classrooms and campus. The guide talked to the students about what they would be doing while taking vo-tech. The students were given bracelets to wear and take home with them. The students viewed all of the classrooms they would be in according to the subject they choose.

The students have realized that college is not much different from high school. Brandy Bell, a ninth-grade student who went on the trip, said: “It was very interesting, although the people didn’t seem to want to be there.” Similar to high school students, college students are tired early in the morning and want to go back to sleep.

If any student was not able to go on the trip but would still like to be in vo-tech, he or she can talk to Mrs.Johns about joining. Any students who would like to take vo-tech must be in tenth grade or higher and needs to talk to Mrs.Johns about signing up.