Band Strikes Again at Scott County Clinic


Pictured front row left to right: Josh Jenkins, Logan Carlino, Sydni Goldman, Emarie Mcgill, Brenna Renfroe, Jordan White, Helen Rettger back row left to right: Demarkyus Mcnair, Holden Gray, Levi Goldman, Gracie Thompson, Devon Day Not pictured: Randy Thompson, Cameron Rayborn

Sydni Goldman, Staff Writer

Marching during Friday night lights at the football field is not all the Pelahatchie Band is known for. Football games may be fun for the band, but clinics really bring an element of excitement to the band.

At clinics, selected students from bands across the county audition in front of judges. The young musicians will perform scales and sight read for their judges. After auditions are over the judges rank the musicians from the best, to ones who need improvement. The musicians are then placed in different bands based on their chair number. First chair goes to the best musician, and the next chair are given based on how well the musician did.

Twelve students out of the Pelahatchie Band were selected to participate in the Scott County Clinic that was hosted at Lake High School last weekend.

“We did exceptionally well considering we were participating with experienced schools,” Mrs. Rettger stated.

Holden Gray, a freshman at Pelahatchie, got the highest title in the saxophone section, which is first chair in the honor band.

Gray said, “I practiced my scales frequently, and I did not give up.”

Clinics give young musicians an opportunity to experience how band will be in college. They also allow students to socialize with people from different schools

The Pelahatchie Band plans to attend more clinics in the future, including one at ECCC this weekend.