Chiefs Fall Short to Bruins and Move to 2nd Place in District


Devin Irvin, Staff Writer

On January 19, the Chieftains faced the top team in our district, the St. Joseph Bruins for the second game in district play for the season.

After our Lady Chiefs blew out the Lady Bruins the energy in Pelahatchie’s student section peaked. This energy carried onto the next game as the Chieftains were fired up and ready to show out for their school and bring home the win. The Chiefs wanted to use their momentum from their first district game win over the Puckett Wolves.

In the first quarter the Chieftain’s first few baskets showed signs that scoring wouldn’t be a challenge. However, as the quarter progressed mistakes hindered the Chiefs offensively and defensively. At the end of the first quarter the Bruins had outscored the Chiefs 13-5.

In the second quarter the Chiefs fought to make a comeback. It seemed that every time they scored a basket the Bruins would answer back with a basket of their own. Questionable calls made by the refs not only affected the Chiefs but also the Bruins as both sides began to grow irritated by the calls and miscalls.

By halftime the score was 29-22.

In the 3rd quarter it seemed that the Chiefs weren’t getting the calls they needed and made mistakes that helped the Bruins gain an edge on them. The Bruins ended up outscoring the Chiefs in the quarter, and the score was 48-34

In the fourth quarter even as it seemed as if there was no hope for the Chiefs, they had began to play more physical and aggressive. This type of play actually work for the Chiefs as they cut the Bruin’s lead down to single digits. However, the Chieftains fell short to the Bruins losing 65-54.

Last year’s senior forward for the Chiefs, JaCoby Taylor, was asked if the game would have went differently if the refs made better calls. He responded “Either way you have to beat the other team and even the Refs sometimes.”

After losing to St. Joseph the Chiefs are now 1-1 in district play and are ranked second in their district.