ROTC students participate in the JROTC Program for Accreditation Inspection

Autumn Adams, Staff Writer

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On February 9th, 2018 the JPA will occur. The JPA is where students are inspected and if the students fail the test or the military fails, The military will shut down the schools JROTC.

The sargent and kernel have over so many platoons and platoon captions who give ROTC members orders.

Students in JRotc prepare for the inspection: they wear uniforms and practice drill. Drill is where the ROTC platoons yell out marching commands.

The uniform metals have to be so far apart, the show laces have to be tucked in and the memberts or ROTC have to stand still until they are done inspecting the platoon.

But there only so long that the ROTC members can stand into their knees lock up. So the members can take little breaks to bend your knees.

For Many Freshman who are in JROTC do not know about the inspection or how long it takes or what to do. So the sophomores have to show the freshman.

JROTC doesn’t just help students who want to be in the military; it helps students learn respect. JROTC mean so much to some students when it doesn’t mean much to those students who don’t know the program.

It gives many students scarlarships who can’t get them doing other things. In JROTC sargent gough and kernel harget expect the best.

JROTC has to work hard to get where they’re at. It means alot to people who our over it and the people who want to be in the military and maybe the JPA will inspire people to sign up for it next year.

The Jrotc program has to have a certain amount of students to be able to keep the program open.
“The JPA is stressful and is the reason many people are scared to join.”

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ROTC students participate in the JROTC Program for Accreditation Inspection