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Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Blaine White and Cadet Major Lizzy Pinter winning Mr. and Mrs. JROTC

Maria Banuelas , Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School JROTC program hosted a Military Ball on December 9, 2017. The ball was available only to JROTC cadets with a $25 purchase ticket.

The ball’s theme was Winter Wonderland with the theme colors being blue and white.  The ball was located at Northwest Rankin High School.

The ball was a mixture of three high schools with JROTC programs. The high schools were Pelahatchie High School, Puckett High School, and Northwest Rankin High School.

Cadets had the option to dress in formal clothing or to wear the JROTC uniform to the event. PHS JROTC cadets had the opportunity to vote for Mr. and Ms. JROTC.  The only cadets that were nominated were seniors.

The ball’s doors opened at 6:00 pm for cadets to arrive. The senior walk was conducted around 7:00 pm after Northwest Rankin’s JROTC color guard presented the flags with the national anthem. The winning cadets to be Mr. and Mrs. PHS were Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Blaine White and Cadet Major Lizzy Pinter. Mr. JROTC, Cadet  Lieutenant Colonel Blaine White, said “ It was a very ecstatic, fun field, enthrilling night!”

The event began right after the senior walk with food and music. There was a variety of music such as rap, pop, country, and more. Many cadets danced with confidence even if they didn’t know how to dance. Many people there had arrived with dates or with a group of friends.

Some people ended up leaving early while some had left when at 12:00 am when the event was over.