From South Korea to Pelahatchie: James Lee


James Lee enjoying his break amongst other Pelahatchie students.

Sydni Goldman, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School has experienced a huge growth of new students this year. The students, faculty, and staff have greeted new comers with open arms.

Recently, Pelahatchie High School welcomed James Lee, a ninth grader from South Korea.

Lee’s journey across the world started when he was just six years old. He has traveled to fourteen different countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, China, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Turkey.

This is Lee’s third time being in America, and he has traveled to twelve states. Lee made the decision to become a foreign exchange student due to the complicated education system in South Korea.

South Korea has a diverse system of education. Instead of having an hour and a half for each class, students receive forty-five minutes for each class and ten minute breaks in between. At Pelahatchie, after each class students walk to the next class, but in South Korea the teachers change. Lee appreciates the stable environment here at Pelahatchie

Pelahatchie is not the only place Lee has traveled to go to school. He has also studied in Canada for six months.

Apart from traveling with his family and being the only child, Lee says he enjoys reading and listening to music.

He states,“ I really like it here it’s way better. Education is too hard in Korea.”

The students have had no trouble accepting Lee into the community. Wherever Lee decides to travel in the future, he will always been known as a Chieftain.