Who’s That Mystery Student?

Who's that person?

Who's that person?

Tayla Martin, Staff Writer

Do you know your peers? Do you know how many siblings they have? What their favorite food and drink is? Or maybe even their eye color? Well, it’s about time to find out! Let’s see if you truly know the people you are surrounded by on a daily basis. Guess this mystery student and win the prize.

This student is in tenth grade and is 15 years old. She is a girl with brown hair and bright green eyes. She is very loud and outgoing once you get to know her, but at first, she is very shy. She can be spotted in the library some days and others standing outside with her best friend. She is 5’’8 and slender. “Take risk you never know when you’ll die, so why not make it fun,” is a quote she lives by. She loves drinking root beer and eating chicken nuggets. She has three younger brothers and four little sisters. Her favorite color is green. She has one dog and a pen of chickens. She is always singing or reading a book.

If you think you know this mystery student leave a comment of their first and last name. The first person that guesses right will get a free drink and snack at break. If you are the winner report to Mrs.Grice to get your prize.  Ask around and get to know your peers. Good Luck and don’t forget to comment!