Social Media Threat To RCSD


An email that was sent out concerning the threats.

Lizzy Pinter, Staff Writer

On January 25, 2018, several threats were directed at many Rankin County schools. Pictures of weapons were posted on Snapchat and appeared to be a threat to the schools.

The pictures were first reported to Pearl Police Department, who then involved Flowood Police Department and Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. Although officials couldn’t release further information about the schools, it was reported that Northwest Rankin High School and Park Place Christian Academy were among the schools that received threats.

Approximately an hour after schools received the threat, the Sheriff’s Department arrested four juveniles. The Sheriff’s Department conducted a thorough K-9 walkthrough and determined that the campuses involved were safe.

The police department concluded that the schools should continue as normal but to expect a heavy police presence.

Kristen Windham, the Public Information Officer for Rankin County Public Schools stated, “If you do hear something or see something, you have to let people know. Whether or not it is a quote-unquote, ‘nothing,’ anything can be a ‘something’ and we never want to take a chance with our students and teachers.”

The District Attorney confirmed that some of the teenagers involved attended some of the threatened schools.The names and ages of the teens are being disclosed due to the fact that they are juveniles.

According to Michael Guest, the District Attorney, “The Sheriff’s Department did search residences of these individuals. I will tell you there appears to be no apparent ability to carry out these threats.”

The Rankin County School District will perform their own investigation.