New Raider Cadets Stepping up to the Challenge


LTC Hargett

Last year raiders at the Raider Challenge.

Maria Banuelas , Staff Writer

JROTC is a program at Pelahatchie High School that offers multiple opportunities for students. It can offer students to become better citizens, ways to finance their money, and more. It also offers a variety of teams students can join to be involved in the program even more.

JROTC includes of having a drill team, color guard team, academic team, rifle team, and more. They also have a little known team called Raiders. This organization keeps JROTC cadets mentally and physically in shape in a military framework.

The Raider team is basically a mixture of Pelahatchie High School cadets and Puckett High School cadets. The team is a mixture of males and females, so any physically fit JROTC cadet is welcome to join.

In order to become a raider a student must already be a PHS JROTC cadet; and Raiders must also have no disciplinary issues.

Male students who want to be Raiders must be able to do 50 push-ups and sit-ups in 2 minutes, and a one-mile run under 9 minutes. Females cannot join unless they can complete 30 push-up and sit-ups in 2 minutes and a one-mile run under 11 minutes.

Pelahatchie High School JROTC current Raiders include as Eric Davis, Blaine White, and Devon Day and more.  Current Raider Devon Day stated, “You get to wear the ACU, and you get the named value of being a raider. It is an honor to be a raider, it is fun, and keeps one in shape.”

This year cadets are chosen to have the opportunity to join from the Cadet Challenge students taken on January 31 and February 1.

There are several students who are up for the challenge of becoming a Raider in order to participate in the Raider competition. The Raider competition is an event that is close to the Ranger ROTC competition but far less dangerous. The events are held outdoors in state parks or large expansive wooded areas.

The Raider meet for cadets  interested in becoming a Raider will be after the JPA Inspection on February 9.