LTC Hargett

The Chief’s Battalion 2017- 2018 school year.

Maria Banuelas , Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School JROTC program had their annual military inspection on February 9, 2018. The inspection consisted of a mixture of Pelahatchie and Puckett JROTC cadets. There are a total of 84 students actively enrolled in JROTC this 2017-2018 school year.

Students actively enrolled in the program had to participate in the inspection this school year. There are two parts that take place in the inspection each year, which include the battalions staff briefing and the in-ranks inspection.

The Battalions staff briefing consisted of two parts. There are the Battalions staff briefing and the Service Learning team briefing for Lieutenant Colonel Brown and Mr. Bradford.

The cadets who are involved in staff had a four-day practice of briefing. JROTC has 7 cadets on staff and 4 on the service-learning team.

The in-ranks inspection included two parts also. There are the in ranks formation and the color guard usually conducted by Puckett’s color guard team. Both of these were inspected by Sergeant Major Fitts.

Cadets who participated in the in-ranks inspection had a two-day practice with cadets on staff, assisting them and helping them prepare for the big day.

Mr. Bradford came to the briefing practice and in-ranks inspection practice. He asked some minor questions towards the staff and gave them feedback.

On February 9, 201,8 Pelahatchie students had to go to Sergeant Gough’s room to prepare and receive their jackets for their uniform. They then went to the gym, and staff went to Lieutenant Colonel Hargett’s room to have a last practice of briefing until Lieutenant Colonel Brown arrived.

The inspection then began around 8:30 am with staff briefing taking around thirty minutes to finish their briefing and additional minutes for Lieutenant Colonel Brown and Dr. Bradford again stated comments and asked questions.

The in-ranks inspection took about possibly sixty minutes. Participants had the time to prepare and get in-ranks before the inspection took place.

Sergeant Major Fitts then arrived to inspect each cadet and ask them basic JROTC questions, such information regarding knowledge of who the vice president and commander-in-chief are.

The in ranks formations were then sent to take a seat in the bleachers to then be followed by Puckett’s Color Guard performance. The color guard performance lasted around ten to fifteen minutes.

The inspection then was completed by Mr. Bradford giving a few words for the cadets, and Sergeant Major Fitts had a word with the Battalion Staff telling them they had finished with a 90 to 95 % overall passing score for the inspection.

The inspection then had a promotion ceremony promoting mostly Puckett cadets to their correct rank or them having earned their new rank.

The inspection then finished around 10:30 am, sending all cadets to their second block.
Lieutenant Colonel Hargett stated, “ The command and staff did an outstanding job and the cadets in the gym executed well, and they all did extremely well and I am very proud of them.”

The Cadet Company 1st Sergeant Warren Brady Davis stated, “All personnel attached to the inspection formation performed to the best of their abilities and showed the best of what Pelahatchie had to offer.”