WWII Veteran Makes Surprise Appearance


Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

At Pelahatchie High School, the eleventh grade U.S. History classes have recently been studying World War II. Donna McMillian’s first block class came to halt when George Mitchell, who is a ninety-four-year-old Air Force WWII veteran, made a surprise visit to one of the History classes on February Monday, February 5.

No staff member was aware of his arrival. The discussion was not planned ahead of time, and there was a great amount of confusion between the principals and staff.

Despite this, Mrs. McMillian allowed him to speak with her class and have heart-felt conversations with him about everything he went through in the war. Mitchell told the class about his World War II missions and experiences.

Skye Bowman is a junior at Pelahatchie who was present during his presentation.  “Mr. Mitchell showed us pictures of the plane he was on and the people he did missions with. I also thought that it was a good experience for all of us to visit with somebody who had first-hand experience of WWII while we were studying it,” Bowman said.