Chiefs Takes On Baseball Season

Lanie Burkes, Staff Writer

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Pelahatchie High School’s first baseball game for the season is February 23 at 7pm. The game will take place at McLaurin.

The baseball team has been practicing everyday after school so that they will be prepared.

Cody Myers is a senior at Pelahatchie. Myers plays 3rd and pitcher. “We are going to bring home a dub against Mclaurin this Friday,” said Myers.

The varsity baseball team will also play against McLaurin on the following Saturday, which is February 24.

The Pelahatchie baseball team is very confident in their season this year. The Pelahatchie baseball team strives to bring rings home for this season. Myers also said, “Our team goal is to win games and to have a good shot at the state championship in May.” Myers believes they have good chance in the playoffs.

The baseball team has several good players with determination and plan to work together. Chandler Rust is a junior on the baseball team. Rust said “The chemistry between us all is great, sure we can argue but at the end of the day we are all brothers and we are one big family that is ready to play anyone that steps across those foul lines.”

Rust states that their team is stronger as a whole and they have a better bond. They have added three more great pitchers.

Everyone is invited to come and support the chiefs as they take on their first game against the McLaurin Tigers!