Name That Chieftain

Can you guess this mystery student?

Can you guess this mystery student?

Sydni Goldman, Staff Writer

How well do you know the people around you? The people you see every day. If you were told a person’s hobbies, family, or favorite things, could you pick them out of a crowd? Let’s put your brain to the test and see if you can guess this mystery student for a prize.

This student is a seventeen year old male with blonde hair and green eyes. He has lived in two states, one of which he has moved eight times. This student is also an active member of ROTC. In his spare time, this student likes to play video games, hangout with his girlfriend, and help his church with mission work. His favorite food is hot wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. This student also has a big family. This student’s favorite color is blue, and he has a pet cat.

How well do you really know the student body of Pelahatchie High School? Do you know this mystery student? Comment the mystery student’s first and last name below to win a drink and snack from Mrs. Grice at break. Good luck, and make sure you comment as quickly as possible to win the prize. Ready, set, guess!