Origins of Easter

Origins of Easter

Lizzy Pinter, Staff Writer

How did a holiday such as Easter come to be? Believe it or not, there are several theories behind Easter. When some think of Easter, mainly in the South, they think of the easter bunny and chocolate eggs, but the origin of Easter is believed to date back to thousands of years ago. There are two different theories that have historians twisted.

One theory that Easter was created as a remembrance of a goddess named Eastra, from Saxton origins, that was killed. Due to her death, the earth lost its fertility, crops ceased to grow and animals stopped reproducing. After three days her assistants brought her the plant of life and water of life down to the underworld, and she lived for six months and then went back to the underworld for six months. She rises every year, and this is known as Easter.

The other theory is that of the Christian faith. Christians celebrate Easter as the remembrance of the sacrifice Jesus Christ paid for them on the cross, and when He rose again three days later. Jesus Christ was the son of God, who came down on earth so that He could die as a substitute for all sinners. He was sentenced to be crucified on a cross as a criminal, where He suffered and died. After three days, Jesus rose from the dead. By doing this, He fulfilled prophecy. Christians recognise this time as a time to celebrate their savior who died for their sins, but who rose again.   

Both of these stories relate very much and historians are unsure which one existed first, but they can’t disprove that either happened.