New Principal Comes to Shake Up Pelahatchie


Burchfield displays one of his biggest goals for Pelahatchie “Own 43,” an initiative to conquer Pisgah and Puckett’s school districts.

Jessica Smith, Staff Writer

As everyone is beginning to get back into the routine of school, there has come a new change. Walking through the newly painted high school hall, Dr. Burchfield, the new principal, is talking to the students that are roaming the hallway. As the new year starts, Burchfield is trying to find ways to leave his mark on Pelahatchie High School.

Dr. Teague Burchfield left his position as the assistant principal at Brandon High School to come serve as the new principal here at Pelahatchie High School. Burchfield claims his reasons to accepting the position is because he had heard great things about our school, and he wanted to jump at a new opportunity to serve different people.

He also says that all of these things had been confirmed through meeting the staff and the students that make up Pelahatchie High School.

Some of the things that Burchfield wants to accomplish is to excel in competition academically and athletically. One of his biggest goals is to “Own 43,” which means that he wants to conquer Pisgah and Puckett’s school district. Burchfield said, “I want to become the top 2A school in the district.”

Burchfield plans to do great things while he serves this school and his life outside of school proves that he is more relatable than people might think. Burchfield’s graduating class only had 41 students including himself. The thing he loves most about Pelahatchie High School is the small atmosphere which gives him a chance to build relationships with the students, and those two factors remind him of his own high school experience.

In his spare time, Burchfield loves to spend quality time with his wife and kids as well as going to play a round of golf. He listens to classics; however, he loves the 80’s era. Burchfield likes to watch movies and have fun, but when it comes down to getting things done, he is on top of it.

There are several quotes out there that are inspirational, but Burchfield chose this quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Life’s most persistent and urgent questions is, “What are you doing for others?” He chose this quote because he thinks that in this business our motives should be sincere, and we should act with a servant’s heart.