The Journey through Yearbook


Deuce Ward and Haley Mills work on their yearbook pages.

Tiara Collier, Staff Writer

In the classroom of Mrs.Herrington sits Deuce and Haley working diligently. Both students take on the task of designing the 2018-2019 yearbook for their peers and teachers.

This year’s yearbook will contain many different aspects of Pelahatchie High School from the academics of the everyday student’s life to the athletic side of each student. Yearbook sponsor and teacher Mandy Herrington said “This year’s yearbook staff is going to have an amazing year. We have lots of new talents to add into our creative 2018-2019 yearbook that will blow your mind: we hope you all are ready for the great ideas we have planned.”

Each student who is chosen by the sponsor to be a part of yearbook staff is issued to design at least 10 pages each. These pages must have a “meaning” behind them.

Yearbook member Coriah Jones stated, “You want the person, whoever that might be opening the book to feel as if they were in that moment, as if it was their own moment.” The entire yearbook staff has to make those exciting moments come alive on the page.

Creating each page takes hard work and time that no one gets to see unless he or she is behind the scenes. The yearbook students may have a few struggles along the way, but they always seem to find a way to conquer those struggles and deliver a yearbook.

Students and teachers will most definitely be able to say this has been that best yearbook that has been ever created by the Pelahatchie Yearbook staff.