The Year for Cheer


The Pelahatchie cheerleaders perform for the high school students for the first pep-up.

Brianna Pearson, Staff Writer

On the pavement of the Pelahatchie High School courtyard, surrounded by sun-lightened black poles and pale red-bricked buildings, the high school cheer team performs for the other students while the band members and football players stand behind them.

The cheerleaders have a lot to look forward to, considering there is going to be more away games than home games. Meaning there are going to be more pep-ups than pep-rallies.

“We practice every A day and after school on Wednesday,” stated Collins Doster, a cheerleader. “In the future we are going to practice for competition cheer.”

While the cheerleaders are certainly going to be busy with the games and the rallies, they are going to have more coming with competition cheer.

The theme for Friday, August 24, is “Tacky Tourist”. The rest of the themes are kept secret, even for the cheerleaders. They are not known until before the next game.

“We don’t really know until the games,” said Haley Mills, another cheerleader, mentioning the themes.

On Saturday, August 25, Pelahatchie plays Mobile Christian, in Foley, Alabama. The football players and the cheerleaders leave Friday to arrive and stay overnight.

Often on A days, the cheerleaders can be seen running and practicing by the auditorium. If they aren’t outside, they can be found inside the auditorium.

When it comes to pep-ups, they are performed in front of the gym. The cheerleaders line up in two rows and practice their cheers in front of the other students.

The band members stand to the left and the football players stand to the right. The band performs their songs, and towards the end, the football players huddle and chant.