Chieftains Jump into Reading


From front left to back left, Abby Dawson, Anna Scherer, Scarlett Castillo, and Kimberly Cochran read their chosen books during SSR time.

Tayla Martin , Staff Writer

Straight after returning from summer Pelahatchie High School, students start their year off with SSR, also known as Sustained Silent Reading. The students are required to read for at least ten minutes during every second block class.

The high school enforces this rule based off of research which shows that more words students are exposed to during the day helps to improve their vocabulary, comprehension skills, language, and grammar as well. While it is required that the students read, they have total freedom when it comes to choosing the books they read during this time.  

According to Nina Mills, the instructional Coach and Assistant Test Coordinator at Pelahatchie High School, “Students have a bad taste in their mouths about reading. They see it as a chore and we want them to see it as a choice and not a chore.” The hope is to create and sustain readers who find joy in reading books and do not see reading as a chore.

Grades will not be involved with Sustained Silent Reading in order to avoid reading seeming like something the students have to do instead of something the students want to do. “Every student and teacher alike can sit down and read a book by choice,” Mills stated when asked about her thoughts on the reading that is happening every second block class.

For more information on why Pelahatchie High School decided to start Sustained Silent Reading for its students, contact Nina Mills in the high school library.