Swimming with a Meg

The Meg was released on August 10 of this year and has made $321,103,438 in profit.

The Meg was released on August 10 of this year and has made $321,103,438 in profit.

Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

According to “Ten Killer Megalodon Shark Facts,” the megalodon shark was the largest predator that has ever lived, reaching lengths of up to sixty through seventy feet and had an estimated maximum weight of over sixty tons. Could you imagine going up against a seventy foot killing machine?

I went and saw the movie The Meg in theaters on August 10, when it was released, and it was (jawsome). I personally loved it. I was on the edge of my seat when the main character was trying to put a tracker on the shark . It was the most thrilling, realistic, and best shark movie that I have ever watched.  

The story was very well written and had a great story line. The special effects were surprising because the shark did not look fake. It is definitely better than the other shark movies I have watched. In the film, there were both elements of humor and jump scares, and there was a good balance between the two.

The critics on Rotten Tomatoes rated it 5.5/10. Most of the critics thought it was really terrible and did not have enough action. I disagree with that because I think the movie gave enough action and not too much to take away from the plot. The plot developed when the crew members went into the deep, deep part of the ocean where no one ever explored. When they left the area, they created a rift; that is how the meg escaped.

The movie really put a more ambivalent feeling about the ocean in my mind than before. I am not really much of a big fan of the ocean because people never know what kind of monstrosities are down there just waiting to get the explorers, and especially now after watching The Meg, it makes me mistrust the water even more.