One Last Time: Seniors Reflect on Last Year of High School


Mckenzie Ferguson

Pictured left to right: Zharia Holifield, Deion Grant, and Leilani Key. Their positive attitudes are seen through their smiles, all thanks to the friendships and experiences that come from PHS.

Mckenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Last year of freedom; how will you spend it?

We don’t realize how fast time really flies until junior year ends, and senior year begins. I took the time to sit and talk with a few of our students here at Pelahatchie High School, discussing their feelings towards it being their senior year. The responses I received are all different, yet the same. Each one of these students are getting ready to take part in a new chapter of their lives, and the ones following behind might learn a thing or two from them.

Each student was asked the same set of questions. Students were asked how they felt about starting their senior year.

“Excited and happy, as well as being ready to get it over with.” – Zharia Holifield

“It’s cool, but stressful at the same time.” – Deion Grant

“I am super excited and can’t wait to see what this year brings.” – Leilani Key

There is excitement within each of these responses. Even though there are a few butterflies about high school coming to an end, they all know that they are moving on to bigger and better things, such as college.

Mississippi State and Hinds Community College are great places to pursue dreams of being a psychologist, interior designer, and sonographer. Can you guess who chose what? Every one of these career choices is a good one.

They know what they want to do with their lives, and they are ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. It is good to know that these three are thinking about their future. They can set an example for everyone else.

Zharia wanted to give me a piece of advice, along with the rest of the students at Pelahatchie:  “Just be ready and prepared everyday. Do the best you can and fun while it last.” Many students could take this into consideration and push themselves into having a creative attitude towards their senior year.

Every student that is a senior this year, and even the ones below, has what it takes to become anything he or she wants to be in life. You just have to be willing to put forth the effort and get yourself there.