Accounting is His Profession


Brianna Rowland

Jim Harrison, dressed in his Tacky Tourist attire, prepares for class.

Brianna Rowland, Staff Writer

The class was just like any other. Questions of homework and random gossip flutter around the room. Then the door opens. In walks an imposing man in a black shirt. The class falls silent.

The man looks around, almost daring a student to speak. He takes a seat at the front of the class. Everyone is staring at him. He introduces himself as Jim Harrison, the new accounting teacher.

Everyone but the seniors are called out. The remaining students are still nervous until Mr. Harrison really starts to talk. He asks and answers all types of questions and makes all of the students laugh and relax.

Mr. Harrison does more than just teach accounting though. He is the school’s transportation director, assistant principal of 7th and 8th grade discipline, assistant athletic director, and assistant football coach.

When asked why he joined Pelahatchie High School he said, “They valued my experience and felt like I would be a good fit for the Pelahatchie community.”

His response on how he feels about the school was quite enthusiastic. “I love it! It reminds me of my first high school. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful.” He also said that the most helpful person he had met so far would have to be “J.P Stapleton!”

He informed me that he “…aspires to be the actual assistant principal.” And when I asked how long he plans on staying at our school, he simply said, “No idea.” But he plans on doing his best to help with the growth of the school.

“What is your favorite part of the school?” I asked. His response was immediate. “The students!” He described the student body as a “close-knit group” and he likes that we can “get to know one another.”

Mr. Harrison has travel quite a bit before coming to Pelahatchie. He has lived in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

He has a wife named Tracey, and they have been married for nearly twenty-eight years. The two met in college and have been together ever since.

The couple has a son named Bridges who is a junior attending Samford and mini schnauzer named Vader.

A few of Mr. Harrison’s favorite things to do include watching movies and anything dealing with water, except fishing. He also has a very large fear of snakes.