Students Share Favorite Part of Summer

Hannah Easterling, Staff Writer

Today, 61 million students had to abandon their summer routines and find a way to get excited about back-to-school season. For most school aged children, summer is over, and all we have are the memories of it. Many students had the opportunity to share those memories.

I took the time to ask students who attend Pelahatchie High school in grades varying from freshman to senior year what their favorite part of summer was. The students responses are what would be expected of high school students who are still getting used to the idea of waking up earlier than what they may be used to. I had the opportunity of speaking with six different individuals to ask them what their favorite part of summer was.

Aniyah Lloyd, a freshman at Pelahatchie High, said, “My favorite part of summer was going out of town and spending time with my family.” I also had the time to speak with another underclassmen in their sophomore year. Destiny White said, “I don’t have to do work.” Summer is over for these underclassmen but that does not mean that they didn’t have a good one. Back-to-school season is unavoidable, but summer was good to this upcoming freshman and sophomore.

I was also able to speak with a few that are upperclassmen this year. Chandler Stribling is a senior at Pelahatchie this year. “My favorite part of summer was going to Camp Bratton- Green,” he said. “It’s the best place on Earth.”

Sydni Goldman, a junior, said, “My favorite part was traveling to Alabama and going to the movies. Chase Perkins is also a junior at Pelahatchie High this year. He said, “Sleeping in.” Jessica White was the final person I was able to ask. Jessica White is a senior this year. “We went on vacation to the beach.” she said, “I got some new clothes, new shoes, and a new boyfriend.”

I was able to ask several students the same question, and all have one thing in common. They are all ready for summer 2019.