Mobile Christian Destroys Pelahatchie in Foley


From left to right: JP Purvis, Gunner Till, Cedrick Wilder, Avery Lewis waiting on the coin toss before the legendary game. Photo Cred: Abby Dawson

Levi Goldman, Staff Writer

On Saturday, August 25 Pelahatchie High School football, band and cheerleading all performed in Foley, Alabama for a fundraiser for both schools Pelahatchie and the competing school, Mobile Christian school.

After a superb win at Lake on August 17, Pelahatchie’s football team took this loss against   Mobile Christian incredibly well. The score for the game was 40-29. JP Purvis (Pelahatchie’s quarterback) said that “the football team and I were all prepared for the game and we played our hardest, but sometimes you can’t always win and I would never have changed any outcome of that game.”

The football association was not the only association to go, Pelahatchie’s cheer team took the trip to Foley. Mandy Herrington, the cheer sponsor, said, “The trip to Foley was a really great team bonding time and my girls loved it and it was pretty fun to see my girls support the footballs players on their journey too.”

Not only did just the cheer and football teams go but Pelahatchie’s band went, too. Sydni Goldman( Pelahatchie’s drum major) said, “ I feel like we brought a little bit of Pelahatchie to Alabama, and just being able to go to the game itself brought us together as a band because a four hour bus ride was excellent bonding time.”   

After the game at Foley, Pelahatchie came back home to prepare prepare for their next opponent, Richland High school, and after this loss in Foley, this only pushed the football team to work harder to try to win. The score of Pelahatchie vs  Richland was 50-15. Pelahatchie  Leading