Spend “Nun” of Your Money on this Movie

The Nun was released on September 7 of this year and has made $173,768,768 in profit.

The Nun was released on September 7 of this year and has made $173,768,768 in profit.

Dessi Thomas, Staff Writer

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet these past few weeks about the new horror movie called The Nun. Everybody was hyping it up and excited to go see it. In my opinion, the movie did not deserve all of the publicity it received.

I went and saw the movie The Nun in theaters on September 7, when it was released, and it was not that great. I personally didn’t really like it. I was disappointed with how it turned out. The Conjuring movies were great and realistic, but Corin Hardy, the director, totally lost the frightening elements with this movie. Some of the jump scares did manage to scare me though. Especially when Sister Irene was walking down this dark hallway, and the possessed nun came out of nowhere and grabbed her by the throat.

The movie was poorly written and lacked a good story plot. Also, it was very predictable and cliche. I was straight-faced the whole time. The possessed nun did not even look scary; she looked fake. The movie used way too much computer generated images, which pulled away from the story. The way the nun was portrayed in the movie made it dissatisfying.

The critics on Rotten Tomatoes rated it 4.4/10. The majority of the critics thought it was an awful film. I very much agree with them. It hardly made any sense, and the demonic possession was unbelievable. In the scene where the man was knocked into the coffin, the nun didn’t kill him immediately. She didn’t even cut the string that rang the bell to let the girl know he was still alive. The nun did not have that demonic evil in her. If she did, she would have made sure that the man died.

All in all, The Nun is not a good horror movie to see, and you should not waste your time and money.