Meet Student Council and See What They Can Do


Nobles, student council sponsor all dressed out in Lifeguard/ beach day attire, supporting the football boys for the first home game.

Collins Doster, Staff Writer

“This year’s council has already shown initiative and school spirit,” said Kelsey Nobles, a student council sponsor. The new 2018-2019 group has already been putting in a great deal of work for the newest homecoming events.

Recently, student council voted for float ideas. Some theme ideas were Holidays, music, video games, and movies. Music and holidays were at a tie, so members voted again. After the second round of voting music, music triumphed holidays with the most votes.  

Since music was the winning theme, “Turn up For the Tribe” became the motto that the Chiefs will use for homecoming week.

Each grade was given a certain genre. Seniors have “Rock ‘n Roll”, juniors have “Country”, sophomores have “90’s Music”, freshman has “Holiday Music”, and junior high has “80’s Music.”

Join student council in dressing up for Spirit Week. Student council members are participating in all homecoming activities. For dress up day themes, Monday students “Squad Up”,  Tuesday students wear sports jerseys; Wednesday’s theme is “Way Back Wednesday”; Thursday is “Dress to Your Music Genre,” and Friday is “Camo.”

Student council is also a part of organizing the homecoming dance, which is October 5 from 10 to 12pm.

Student council has made a large amount of progress, even though about half of the members are new. Starting from 9th and down, mostly every member is new. Adlyn Till is new to student council; however,she is 9th grades class president.

“This year is going to be one to remember,” said Nobles.