New Teacher, New Goals


Nikki Nutt, the new ACT prep and Algebra 3 teacher, is busy teaching her third block algebra class.

Seeing a new teacher on the first day of school can be terrifying. Endless questions start to run through your mind about who this unfamiliar face may be. What is he/she teaching? Will I be in that class? Is this teacher nice?

Nikki Nutt was one of these unfamiliar faces. Nutt has spent the last two years, previous to her employment at Pelahatchie High, teaching Advanced Placement Calculus, Honors Geometry, and Algebra 3 at Water Valley High School. Before that, she taught at Winona High School and Vicksburg High School. Nutt has now decided to take on the students at Pelahatchie and Richland teaching ACT Prep and Algebra 3 for Pelahatchie on A day and Geometry and Algebra 1 to Richland on B day.

“The best thing about being a teacher would have to be the time I have being around the students, getting to know them, and watching them grow into adults,”Nutt said. “I also love that every year and every day is never the same.” Nutt, still passionate about teaching, enjoys when her classes make connections and really understand the material being taught. Like any teacher, some days are better than others. “On a good day, it’s nice when I don’t have to say one hundred billion times to sit down and please be quiet.”

I had the opportunity to talk to Nutt about more than just her career and students. Several people can’t see that teachers are like everyone else, but in many ways they are just like their students.  Nutt shares the same smartphone addiction as most of her students. “My must-have smartphone apps would have to be Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.” I was also able to see the underlying sense of humor she possesses. “I would survive a zombie apocalypse the entire time.” She said, “On a bad day, teaching high school students is a lot like teaching zombies.”