The Tribe Finds the Spirit


Spirit Tribe member Dana Bennett painting a poster for spirit week. Photo Credit: Nina Mills

Tayla Martin , Staff Writer

Pelahatchie High School students work towards raising school spirit with the help of the Spirit Tribe, a new club started this 2018-2019 school year. Mrs. Kelsey Nobles and Mrs. Kessie Key sponsor the club, but the student club members are responsible for all the ideas and final decisions.

The club was made to show support to all sports and involve more students in spreading school spirit. The inspiration for a Spirit Tribe club came when Mrs Lacie Walters went to a football game in Alabama the Friday before the Pelahatchie Foley football game and was awed by their student section and team spirit.

The tribe is trying to get students and parents involved by showing school spirit and having fun at the football games. The clubs goal is to get as many students as possible involved in the school and show love for all of Pelahatchie High School and all the sports teams.

The club comes up with all themes for Spirit Week. The most recent theme was “Sink the Pirates”. For this theme students dressed up in their best beach wear. Next Friday the students will dress in animal print in spirit of the upcoming theme: Cage the Panthers.

The club is home to more than 50 students and is steadily growing. If any students would like to join the club or want more information, they can contact Mrs.Nobles and/or Mrs.Key.