Chieftain Chapters’ Year All Booked Up


Chieftain Chapters has been enjoying The Darkest Minds and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue to start off the year.

Laura Renfroe, Staff Writer

The students bustled into the tranquil public library, relieved to evade the summer humidity outside in the Mississippi heat. They all grabbed a handful of snacks, piling the azure bound books on the table, springing into the colorful world of the book that thrived with abundant twists and tragic romance. Ecstatic and with their fingers stained with crumbs, the members shared their thoughts from the shocks and turns in the novel Strange the Dreamer at their first summer book club meeting.

Book club students have been busy tearing through pages this summer and are now back in full swing to start off the new school year with several new representatives. Librarian Eles Renfroe established the Pelahatchie book Club, Chieftain Chapters, two years ago, and she has been a leader of the club and spurred on many meetings since.

“Everyone needs to find his/her niche. Chieftain Chapters provides that niche for our book-loving students,” Renfroe said.

Over the past few years, students explored many new books, sharing their thoughts on the novels at each student meeting. From movie nights to tea parties filled with piping toasty tea and sugared lemon tarts inspired by the world of Heartless, the book club meetings evoked positive response and became a huge hit.

Renfroe plans to fill up the club’s calendar this school year with even more fun ideas. The club enjoyed the first book to kick off the year, The Darkest Minds, and has a few entertaining ideas to add to their meetings in the time ahead. They will host votes on future books and are planning their first back-to-school meeting on The Darkest Minds soon.

“I hope to improve the book club this year by asking the members to get more involved in planning our meetings so that in addition to discussing the book, we can plan some fun book-themed games,”  Renfroe explained.

Chieftain Chapters provides the enlightenment of sharing feelings with fellow readers and getting hands on new books that one might have never read before.

“When you finish a great book, you are desperate to share all of the overflowing emotions that the book creates with someone else,” Renfroe stated.

“Our book club gives readers just that: we discuss all of the amazing twists and turns, heartaches, joys, surprises, and revelations that we experience along the way.”

New freshman representatives, Adyln Till, Kaitlyn White, Laura Renfroe, Collins Doster, and Ella Tucker are excited to begin their year in Chieftain Chapters.

“I’m excited to join Book Club because I can be able to read different books and be able to discuss with other people,” White remarked. “I really didn’t know what I liked to read so I am excited to read different genres or books I never thought I would read.”

Chieftain Chapters hopes to emphasize the importance and allure of reading. “I do believe something magical can happen when you read a good book,” Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling once knowingly detailed.

“Why is reading important? Reading makes you smarter,” Renfroe claimed.

“Think about those students you know who have high Lexiles and high ACT scores: most likely, they are readers. Even more importantly, we read to understand who we are or who we are becoming. I can’t think of a more enjoyable way of becoming than to get lost in a great book. Once you experience that magic, there’s no going back. Reading is addictive.”

Renfroe and Chieftain Chapters are especially eager to begin their year, experience festive future assemblies, and, of course, dive into new books.