Pep Rallies Students Will Never Forget


Nina Mills

Kessie Key and Kelsey Nobles are excited about the sinking the Pirates.

Tiara Collier , Staff Writer

As students walk through the gym doors, the excitement of the bands roaring and the cheerleaders cheering make an everlasting impression. Pelahatchie High School pep rallies bring out all of the excitement from individuals from all grades.

Pep rallies have always been a “Hatchie” tradition that PHS still keeps alive. During pep rallies, many student organizations perform (the band, cheerleaders and band girls)while many others are present in support of the Pelahatchie football team.

Also during each pep rally there is a game picked by cheer coach Mandy Herrington that involves random people from the student body. Student Olivia Sirmon stated, “I think that the pep rallies are very great and the crowd gets in engaged a lot.

They make you want to stay focused on everything that’s happening on the floor.” Besides performances, the pep rallies serve a serious purpose, to raise school spirit for the football team and encourage students to go to the games.

Pelahatchie’s pep rallies has also added a “Spirit Tribe”, which allows students to express themselves and also cheer on the football team during pep rallies and at football games. There will be two major pep rallies of the season: the first and last.

“The first pep rally was a success over the student body. Each person participated and really enjoyed the theme, this pep rally couldn’t have been better,” said student Kiaieshi Stokes.

The very last pep rally, which is the senior pep rally, will be held on October 26. Pelahatchie High School looks forward to making the last pep rally one to remember.