A Week of Halloween

Mckenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Halloween is known as the night where children can come together. Dressing up while going from house to house getting candy; teenagers getting together to watch scary movies and parents pulling their hair out because their children are on a sugar rush; school spirit, where all the students dress up according to a certain theme and bring excitement to the school. Most of the time our school spirit revolved around football, but it wouldn’t hurt to change it up a bit. It is possible to learn and have fun all at the same time.

After taking the time to talk to a few students, we would like to combine Halloween and school spirit. The ideal schedule in mind is for Monday to be Mathletes vs. Athletes. Tuesday – Orange and Black Day. Wednesday – Costume Day (day of Halloween). Thursday – Superhero Day. Friday – Pajama Day (Halloween theme of course).

I started off by asking two students a few questions. The first one was, “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Halloween?” All responses were between eight and ten. Haley Mills, a student in ninth grade, states, “My favorite part is the creepy feel of it because I love a good fright. It’s also part of fall and pumpkin spice candles, with nutter butters in the shape of a ghost really sets the mood of it all.” The next question was, “How would you feel about dressing up each day of the week of Halloween?” Everyone strongly agreed. “I would dress up EVERY single day! I think a lot of people would do it too”, said Brianna Galbraith, junior here at Pelahatchie High.

“I would absolutely love to dress up each day especially the week of Halloween. I feel like Athletes vs Mathletes is a great idea! All the athletes should dress up as the mathletes and the students that aren’t into sports dress up as the athletes”, said Mills.

Knowing that Halloween costumes can be kind of crazy sometimes and a little too dramatic, students know not to wear anything inappropriate. We also know not to bring anything inappropriate for that matter. Students are not wanting cause any trouble, just wanting to have a little fun. We’ve expressed how we feel with reason and what we would like to do. Teachers, it’s now up to you to decide how you feel about a week of halloween.