New Student Makes the Most of New School


Dalton Hughes diligently completes his work in his health class.

Brianna Rowland, Staff Writer

Every year schools get new students. A diverse population is what makes a school unique and functional. Many new students start school feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, but that wasn’t the case with Dalton Hughes.

Dalton is a senior at Pelahatchie High School who moved from Brandon a few weeks ago. He enjoys the welcome he received from the students of Pelahatchie because they didn’t make him feel awkward or unwanted. “The people.” was the only thing he had to say about his favorite part of his new school is.

He enjoys his economics class as well because “It’s easy and all of my friends are in the class” with him.

However, he does not like his English class. “It’s just boring,” Hughes explained. He doesn’t enjoy reading or writing, finding both activities a waste of time.

Aside from English, Dalton says that he genuinely enjoys the Pelahatchie school and doesn’t wish it was any different. In most cases this isn’t how new students feel, but Hughes feels that Pelahatchie is a great school.

After his last year in high school, Dalton plans on enrolling in the University of Mississippi. His goal is to become a clinical psychologist to mental hospital patients. Psychology has interested him ever since he was a little boy, and he wants to be able to help people.

In the beginning of his interview Hughes felt slightly uncomfortable, not used to being asked so many questions and having his answers recorded, but later became more relaxed. He likes getting to know other people and making new friends and feels that the students of Pelahatchie make that easy.

Every new student is unique. Getting to know one another is a great way to broaden one’s horizon and make lasting relationships with others. Get to know new people and, in the process, get to know more about yourself.