A New Way of Learning


Walking news change the minds of teens

Michelle Moore, Staff Writer

Remember the times that grandmother used to tell stories about the way grandmothers learned in school? It sounds boring right?

Right now there is new way of learning which makes the old way look hard. Technology has gotten very advanced over the last couple of years, but in the course of 30 years, the United States has seen staggering changes.

In 1984 only 10 percent of people had a personal household computer. The world wide web was only five years away, and the size of cell phones were enormous.

Smartphones can now do almost anything that normal people can do with their home laptops. A recents statistic for one article said that 90% of people have their smartphones within 100% of the time; they are most definitely attached.

Not to mentions social media: mostly everyone is familiar with the most popular Facebook app; everyone just about has a Facebook account. Even old people have smartphones.

With such things, it is not bad, but it is at the same time because too much time on social media and on phones can make a person attached; sometimes people can walk into a store and finds toddlers with phones in their stroller, and the child is watching videos on youtube.

Whatever happened to TV or cable technology is taking over today’s society. Basically everything needs technology these days, such as refrigerators.

Robots make some people employed with robots doing work and taking orders. Technology will forever be the best thing ever created by man, but it is also addicting.

I was reading a news headline, and there was a woman who let her child drown in the swimming pool because she was distracted by her phone, so it is very important to be aware and awake; a tragedy can happen in the blink of an eye. Don’t let technology control your life; do what you love instead of costing someone a life because you have been on your phone.