Venom Movie is Webbing People in


Venom begins a violent rampage.

Isaac Norwood, Staff Writer

The new Spider Man spinoff Venom comes out October 5 and is expected to do well. The other Spider Man movies have all grossed 4 billion in the box office. Venom is the opposite of Spider Man who helps the community and is a hero. Venom is a villain with a violent attitude.

In the movies it starts off with Eddie Brock, a reporter who has lost popularity is chasing a scandal story hoping he can catch his big break. He ends up accidentally getting taken over by an alien symbiote that creates and alter ego of him called Venom.

Venom is evil; he eats people and is very aggressive and violent. Spider Man doesn’t have a role in this movie, but for all the villain fans in the Marvel world, this is the movie for them.

It is in all the right ways interesting.

The movie continues, and Eddie goes to war with the shady organization looking for a alien symbiote similar to venom.

In the comics Venom is vicious fearless and beast like, but since the movie is PG-13 it doesn’t quite capture the true Venom.Critic Christopher Cambell said,”Bizarre and cartoonish, but Tom Hardy is fun to watch.

The movie is a Marvel film, and Marvel rarely disappoints..

So go buy your tickets now, and on October 5 go see a great movie.