PHS JROTC Paved The Way For The Homecoming Court

Jessica Smith, Staff Writer

Dressed in their finest attire, PHS JROTC cadets marched to the center of the field to create a pathway for the PHS 2018 homecoming court at the homecoming game. Cadets carried rifles, flags, and sabres, and they marched in two files with Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Smith leading them from the front.

While marching out to centerfield, cadets kept good military discipline and held their composure all the way through. Once cadets reached the first 45 yard line, cadet Holden Gray cut off and led his squad to the Chiefs logo, which was located in the middle of the football field. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Smith led her squad to the other 45 yard line and marched to the Chiefs logo as well.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel then broke off from her squad by doing a left face and took two steps forward. After she did this movement, the other cadets performed a centreface so that they would be facing her and lined up with the cadets on both 45 yard lines. Then the PHS homecoming court walked out to the center of the field with their escorts, and they lined up between the two squads of the PHS Honor Guard.

The mission for the PHS JROTC Honor Guard was to make a pathway for the girls that served on the homecoming court. When each girl’s name was called, she had to walk by all 12 cadets, and the cadets lifted their flags, raised their sabres, and the rifles executed the present arms position as each homecoming maid walked by. Once one girl had passed, every cadet went back to “order arms,” and they waited for the next maid to make their way through.

After the last homecoming maid walked through, the PHS JROTC Honor Guard made their way out. They remained professional all the way back to the classroom, and once they arrived Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Smith commanded the team to halt and then put them at ease while Colonel Hargett and Sergeant First Class Gough talked to the group as a whole.

After both ROTC instructors finished praising how well the mission was executed, the cadets returned the equipment to their proper place, and they were dismissed.


PHS JROTC Battalion Commander Jessica Smith leads her team out to the field.
PHS JROTC Sabre Guard members Cameron Boyd, Gage Pharris, and Rudy Falcon stand at attention and waits to perform.
PHS JROTC Sabre Guard presents arms as the homecoming maids make their way across the field.

, who was present at the homecoming game, said “We appreciate the service of our JROTC Sabre Guard during the homecoming festivities. The decorum was appropriate and first class for our ladies, their escorts, and their families.” He claimed to have loved the performance of the PHS JROTC and says that we performed well.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Smith, who is also the Battalion Commander for the ROTC Program, says “I think that the JROTC Sabre Guard performed extremely well, they remained professional the entire time.They made the PHS JROTC Program shine. I cannot wait to see what other talents these cadets have over the course of the year.”