Pelahatchie “Turned Up” for Homecoming Dance


Homecoming Dance participants waiting to dance. Photo credits to Kelsey Nobles

Brianna Rowland, Staff Writer

After the Pelahatchie football team won their homecoming game against Puckett 48 to 0, the school celebrated with a dance that started with lots of preparation and ended with over 100 happy students.

Donna McMillian, who teaches economics, AP government, US history, and AP U.S history, was over preparing for the dance. Mrs. McMillian, as many students and teachers call her, explained the preparation. “We began by selling tickets two weeks before. Then, when it was time for the dance, many of the student council members decorated by using pieces of the homecoming floats from all grades.”

The venue for the dance was a bit different this year compared to previous years. Usually the dance is held at the community center in town, but this year the dance was held in the cafeteria at the school.

The change was made because it helped with monetary situations at the school and made decorating easier and faster.

The original feeling of the student body was not very positive. Many felt that having the dance at the cafeteria was too juvenile, even for a large group of juveniles. But eventually the feelings changed.

After a great deal of original skepticism, the students of Pelahatchie started to really think about having the cafeteria as the location of the dance. One student even said, “It’s like a flashback to elementary school. That’s where we used to have all of our dances. It’s a throwback.”

The dance took place October 5, started at 10 and lasted until 11. The theme was “Turn it Up for the Tribe.”

The dance was extremely energetic. The chaperons said they enjoyed it, and there were no problems.