Hurricane Michael Strikes Florida


A fraction of the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in Florida.

Hannah Easterling, Staff Writer

Hurricane Michael made landfall Wednesday near the Florida Panhandle, one of the most extreme hurricanes to ever hit the United States.  

It was labeled as a Category Four hurricane, developing historical statistics. It was reported to have winds up to 155 miles per hour.

The hurricane took the lives of over twenty people of various ages this week in Florida. It left over a million homes and businesses without power, along with severe damage.

Hurricane Michael’s strong winds pushed fourteen feet of water onto the land in Apalachicola, Florida, on Wednesday.

Donald Trump recently toured Florida in order to firsthand see the destruction that took place. “Many of these people have no– they have no homes,” Trump began. “It just got blown right off the footing.”

Utilities stated that particular parts of Florida may be without service for up to another week or so depending on the severity of the damage.

Though the damage was extremely severe, Trump acknowledged and expressed admiration towards the emergency responders and law enforcement that were on the scene. He stated, “The job they have done here in Florida has been incredible.”

It’s too soon to recognize the time needed for recovery and rebuilding. The challenges that will come in the future are still being determined, officials say, but it will be years before life will be back to normal. Initial property damage costs are estimated to be over four billion dollars.

Hurricane Michael will forever be remembered as a historical hurricane that devastated several  lives in the United states.