Pelahatchie Chiefs, “Owners of 43”


Devin Irvin, Staff Writer

The Chiefs came to Sandhill, MS, with confidence of adding another district win to their record. After leaving with their jerseys covered in dirt and clothes soaked in sweat, they achieved this goal.

Both the Chiefs and Dragons came into the game with record of 7-1 and a district record of 2-0. This rivalry game was important for both teams, as fans in each school and city called this the “Battle of 43.”

In the first quarter both teams played hard offense and defense. A rushing touchdown made by quarterback Javeious Purvis caused the Chiefs to be the first to score. Unfortunately, the Chiefs missed the PAT.

When the Dragons received the ball, they immediately started to play an aggressive style offense. Most plays on their drive consisted of only efficient runs made by #5 Kyshaun Gates and #15 Noah Thweatt. This proved effective as the Dragons finished the quarter leading the Chiefs 7-6

The second quarter consisted of the same hard work from both teams. The score by halftime was 14-14.

Coming from halftime the Dragons received the ball. However, they weren’t able to score.

The Chiefs rushed for another touchdown, but missed the PAT. This put the Chiefs ahead of the Dragons 20-14.

The Chiefs also made important defensive adjustments to limit the effectiveness of the Dragons running.

However, as the game progressed, tensions grew between both teams as there were various penalties called in the third quarter.

The Chiefs kept the Dragons scoreless and went into the fourth quarter leading 20-14.

In the fourth the Chiefs played with more aggression offensively. While scoring multiple touchdowns in the quarter, the Chiefs limited the Dragons to scoring only one.

The Chiefs became the “Owners of 43,” beating the Dragons 41-21.

When senior receiver, Cedrick “CJ” Wilder, was asked about the important catch he made in the 4th quarter, he responded simply saying, “I just play football.”

The Chiefs will have an away game this Friday against the Scott Central Rebels.