Welcome To The Hatch


Pictured from left to right: Sydni Goldman, Mrs. Lyles, and Jack Macklin.

Mckenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Everyone is nervous about going to a new school. Many feel nervous when meeting all of the teachers and students and getting to know them, as well as their personalities. Whether it be  a teacher or student, it all takes time to get used to. However, Mrs. Lyles moved right on in and made herself at home, and we love her very much!

Lyles teaches Spanish one and two, to grades 7th-12th. She started off teaching history, which lasted two years, and decided it was time to try something new, while also wanting to see how it was to work with high school students. “I was very nervous and a little scared at first. Now, on most days I am happy!” – Mrs. Lyles. Keywords there were “most days”, get it?

Not only was Mrs. Lyles new to our school this year, but so was her husband, Coach Lyles.  “I love working together. He walks me to class everyday like he’s my boyfriend again. Getting to see him everyday makes me smile.”

Not many people get the privilege of working near their spouse. Lyles is thankful for having that privilege. She also stated that one of her favorite things about school in general was, “getting to know all of the different personalities of each student. It amazes me how everyone has grown up together, yet they are all so different. Especially the siblings we have here, they’re very entertaining.”

Many students have enjoyed having Lyles as their teacher. Many things have been said by multiple students from all grades, describing how much they like her. It is always nice to have a teacher who could also be considered family in some way. It was once written that, “a good teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart”, and that is what Mrs. Lyles does.