Behold Pelahatchie’s Queen Tiara Collier


Tiara Collier

Photo Creds to Tiara Collier Tiara poses in her Homecoming dress.

Brin Pearson, Staff Writer

Bright lights shining on the stomped grass, the seniors stood proudly in the middle of the field. Tiara Collier’s name is called and she stands frozen, shocked, while the girls beside her cheer and she receives her ribbon, flowers, and her crown. Tiara Collier was voted to be Pelahatchie’s 2018 Homecoming Queen.

The nominees for Homecoming Queen included Tiara Collier, Zharia Holifield, Keyanna Flores, Morgan Boyd, Kiaieshi Stokes, and Makayla McClure.

The Homecoming maids were to line up on the football field and wait until the queen was announced. As soon as Tiara’s name was called, she froze in shock.

“I froze, like in that moment I didn’t realize. I didn’t know my name was called, I was just like taking in the moment,” Tiara recalls the moment her name was announced.

“I felt like a cheerleader,” Collins Doster, a fellow Homecoming maid, laughs. “I was so excited for her.”

Many other students are very proud of Tiara; she is loved by the majority of the school.

“Oh yeah. I feel like she definitely deserved it. I can see why, she’s friends with almost everyone and she’s one of the most relatable people in the school. Like, she’s got that sense of humor that could make everyone in a room laugh,” Deuce Ward, a freshman, explains.

The Homecoming dance was held October 5 in the Pelahatchie High School cafeteria.

Everyone is a winner in her own way, but Tiara really takes the crown when it comes to being Pelahatchie’s queen.