Halloween Creeps To the Top


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Michael Myers the infamous killer from “Halloween”

Isaac Norwood, Staff Writer

It has a been a while since the last Halloween film came out. 1988 is when the last movie released in theatres. That has gave David Gordon and Danny Mcbride  the writers of halloween a long time to perfect this movie.

Is it at the top of the box office since it released today October 19. In this installment Michael Myers returns to get revenge on his victim Laurie Strode who barely escaped him a long time ago in previous movies.

Die hard fans were ecstatic to learn that a new installment of the movie would be coming out this year.

There have been mixed emotions about this movie; some people think that it was overrated some say it’s great.

Cameron Boyd, senior at Pelahatchie High School said, “when I saw the movie it took me back to when I first seen the other Halloween movies, scary as ever!”

The new movie has some differences in the story from the past movies, but it still is a good pick for the festivities this month.

If you want to have a good scare then this movie will work for you. Adam Graham, from Rotten Tomatoes says,“Halloween” is proof that horror icons never truly die. To come back to life, they just need a little love.

So if you were ever a fan of Halloween, or horror movies in general this movie will work for you.